Quick Reference

Glass Over 150lbs — Insured Motor Carriers
Glass Under 150lbs — UPS/Fed Ex

With everything so automated in shipping, it’s important we pack glass so that it can withstand being tossed around and stomped on. The UPS distribution center will tell customers that fragile glass must have at least 4″ of cushioning all the way around them.

How do we properly pack your glass?
There is one important point to remember when packing glass. Glass does not tolerate rapid temperature fluctuations, sudden jarring movements, nor bumping up against other hard objects. Just as you might overly protect your china with newspapers when moving, so must we protect your glass when sending it through the mail or a freight carrier.

The safest way we ship glass is to use a combination of boxes, peanuts, packing material, bubble wrap, tape, cardboard, styrofoam wedges to prevent movement, wooden crating, and creating 4 inches of insulated air space.

We use UPS and Fed Ex for glass under 150lbs.

We use the top licensed and insured motor carriers for glass over 150lbs.

All glass items and shipping costs are fully insured for any breaks.

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