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Glass Awards

What Awards Represent

Awards are bestowed upon eager and excited recipients in a variety of venues and for a variety of reasons all the time.

Every year sports teams from pee wee to the major leagues compete in intense playoffs to determine who gets the trophy or award.

Much blood, sweat and tears go into the effort of earning such a prize.

Awards are given to civil servants (usually by other civil servants) for their outstanding work in a particular field. This is true of community organizations, schools, churches, choirs, Cub Scouts, businesses, associations such as the APA (American Psychological Association), and many many other entities.

Awards are markers in a sense, of achievement, of a job well done, and most of all, of progress and growth. They indicate a development of skill and the realization of important goals.

Each set of awards one could say leads to the next.

As obstacles are overcome there are always new tests and challenges ahead.

Awards thus signify turning points. That is to say, they are acknowledgements of what has been achieved and what is left to be achieved.

Awards Etched by Chris Sommer

With all of this in mind, the prize should thus be worthy of the dedication, skill and perseverance earning an award requires.

The zeal and dexterity that award recipients possess should be reflected in the awards themselves. This means only top-notch glass awards by master artists are worthy of the cause.

Chris Sommer is that proficient artisan.

He has been working on etching matchless glass awards for many years. He takes pride in every single piece of glass art he creates.

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