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Etching Bathrooms

Why Glass Etching?

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There are many reasons to place custom glass etchings in your home.

They add style and originality to the plain. They refocus the energy of a room. They can set the motif of an entire residence.
Beyond aesthetic highlights, glass art, as opposed to say paintings or photographs, provides practical advantages as well.

When decorating throughout a household different pragmatic considerations have to go into each room.

For instance, having a kitchen with carpeting, even if it looks great, is a bad choice. In kitchens meat, vegetables, and various liquids fall to the floor on a regular basis. Carpeting would absorb all of this, making it dirty and eventually smelly.

Maintaining carpeting in such a setting, would be more work than its worth.

This is why stone and tile are the most common flooring types in a kitchen.

Likewise, buying high definition photographs or original oil paintings to stylize a bathroom is not the best idea.

Bathrooms are filed with humidity and moisture between sink and shower usage, especially in a home with many residents. The constant steaming that goes during showers alone is enough to greatly damage a picture or a painting.

If you have ever seen a picture that has been in a bathroom for years you’ll notice it is disfigured and faded. This is not what anyone wants.

Glass Etching in Bathrooms

It is for this same reason that glass etching is the perfect idea for sprucing up a bathroom.

An etched glass design placed in a bathroom poses no real practical issues. It can take constant water exposure without being damaged. It requires virtually no maintenance because the cleaning that it would need is taken care of by the steaming.

You can just set it and forget it. It’s easy.

Another popular idea is to have parts of your bathroom mirror or shower stall etched.

We look in the mirror everyday, many times a day. Where better than here to add a beautiful mosaic?

The possibilities are endless. Roses, cherubs, trees, animals, religious symbols, and basic patterns are all possible choices.

The great thing, however, is because mirror etching is a custom job you get to dictate exactly what you get. You can even draft a design yourself and check it with our master etcher Chris Sommer.

Chris has been etching bathrooms, living rooms, yachts, and businesses for many years. There is little Mr. Sommer won’t do to please his customers and to create the most unique piece of art within the bounds of your request possible.

So, whether you are looking to refashion your shower stall with patterns of ivy or etch your mirror with musical notes, Glass Works has you covered.

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