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Etch Glassware

Glass Art Incarnations & Popularity

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When it comes down to it – there is almost nothing made of glass that cannot be etched.

Window etchings, mirror etchings, ceiling etchings, bathroom etchings and auto etchings are all popular forms of glass art.

In fact, glass art finds itself in more incarnations than many other art forms, such as sculpting which is generally monomorphic. It truly is a one of a kind craft. This is specifically why the demand for it has been so robust.

It used to be that you could find glass etching in art museums, top-tier law offices, and brand new casinos only. Now, it is in country clubs, private residences, hospitals, sales offices, and so on.

The word has indeed spread, and with it fine artwork.

Etched Glassware

Another very popular type of glass artwork not yet mentioned is etching glasses or bottles.

Getting a glass etched is a great gift for almost anyone. You can give your groomsmen nice beer glasses with their names etched fancifully on the outside, for instance.

Likewise, you can bestow upon your brides maids sparkling wine glasses with the date of the wedding and flowers etched into them. These are presents that last. The kind people cherish over time.

Etching unique patterns in a glassware set is an effective way of personalizing a holiday or birthday gift. It is an unspoken truth that one-of-a-kind gifts or those made by hand, are the most precious. This is because they show you invest real time and consideration into giving friends and family gifts they’ll care about.

Baby showers, confirmations, proms, sweet sixteen’s and various other rites of passage are augmented by providing glasses or bottles etched with the date and occasion. For, it gives participants of these memorable ceremonies memorabilia to take home with them.

Etch glassware is also good for your home. If your teenagers are always fighting over which glass is theirs, you can have their names engraved into them. Problem solved. Or, if you want to impress guests at house parties, breaking out a set of stunning custom-etched chalets is a good way to go.

We Want Your Input!

If you happen to be an artist, though not a glass etching professional, you can draft exactly want you have envisaged. Collaboration between client and etcher is not discouraged, but welcome at Glass Works.

The idea is to present the client with a breathtaking piece of glass art. If you can help in achieving that goal, then we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

As long as everyone is happy with his work, Chris Sommer, ours master etcher, is happy. Enough said.