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Decorative Glass

The Importance of Decorating

Decorative Glass Palm Tree Decorative Glass Large Logo

Decorating a home or office is an important affair.

The energy that a place exudes can either add to efficiency and peace of mind, or detract from it.

It is worth underscoring that the environment which is set for family in a home or employees in an office can drastically alter the manner in which they think and behave.

It can thus encourage productive and positive attitudes or dispirit them.

This means that everything from the flooring and furniture to the picture frames and the decorations have an impact. Therefore, attention to detail is essential to establishing a healthy and positive setting.

Decorations range from pictures and posters to unique works of art such as oil paintings and glass sculptures. The more original the decoration, the more valuable those who see it tend to feel.

Decorative Glass Maven: Chris Sommer

This is a major reason why Chris Sommer began etching glass when he was a young man, for the pleasure unique art can deliver.

This is also a major reason why decorative glass etching has become increasingly sought after.

Few even think to bring in a decorative glass etching expert in adorning their space.

But, the visual potency that a decorative window film can deliver to a room’s motif is quite remarkable.

The great thing about decorative carved glass is it can suit almost any home or office.

Chris Sommer’s commissioned work is all custom crafted, and so he can fabricate almost anything one could want. Toucans, marlins, flora and fauna are all part of his ever-growing portfolio of completed works.

Acquiring decorative glass does not have to be a large production either. If there is only a small window in your bathroom you want stylized into a coral reef scene, it is no problem. Grand spectacles are as welcome as subtle accents.

If you have any more questions related to decorative glass or Chris Sommer’s glass art please contact us today at (954) 415-6349!