Need Privacy?

Custom Patterned Glass Tiger Custom Patterned Glass Palm Tree

For those who live in a city, suburb, or other residence, prying eyes can take away some of the comfort of home. Privacy is an important freedom we seek. However, practically speaking, sometimes it is difficult to maintain.

For instance, apartments in Manhattan tend to have neighbors across slim streets looking directly at them. Now, one could just leave the shades down to maintain privacy. But during the day if one wants privacy in such a setting as well as some sunshine, they are out of luck.

Take another example, say you live in the suburbs and you like to walk around in your pajamas on the weekend but you do not like a sunless house. What are you going to do about those next door neighbors who never have their shades down?

Hire a Glass Artist

One solution is to hire an expert pattern glass etcher like Chris Sommer.

On whichever windows you desire outdoor light as well as privacy, custom patterned glass etchings can be crafted. They let light in but blur beyond recognition the view anyone from the outside would have.

Furthermore, from the inside the patterned glass can be quite elegant and breathtaking.

Since each piece of custom patterned glass is unique, it means that whatever you think looks best can be produced.

If you want a forest-like look to accent your green sheets and many plants, our team has it covered. If you are looking for something more basic such a diamond-patterning, your custom glass is produced as desired.

Whether it is to keep those on the outside out, or charm those on the inside, custom patterned glass etchings are a great idea.