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Custom Glass

Custom Etching by Chris Sommer

Custom Glass Large Ocean Custom Glass Large Fish

Glass Works chief artisan Chris Sommer specializes in custom glass art.

Whether you are looking to have the window between your kitchen and dining room exude a culinary image, or fashion your cabinet glass with bamboo designs, Chris Sommer is properly equipped.

Over the years Chris has worked on projects for front doors, shower stalls, windows, cabinets, porch doors, ceilings, cars, boats, and more. Some of the popular themes throughout Chris’ work because he is based in Florida are ocean scenes, turtles, marlins, mermaids, sunrises/sunsets, and sail boats.

Each commission requires an entirely different perspective and set of expectations. This diversity of experience has seasoned Chris and made him highly adaptable and inventive.

If there is a challenge either in an artistic or utilitarian respect which he has not yet faced, his background places him in good stead to overcome it.

Furthermore, Chris seeks new work, seeks new trials, seeks to broaden his customized glass portfolio, and seeks most importantly, to meet his patrons expectations, if not exceed them.

This should make clear to the refined client that you can get exactly what you want from custom glass artwork by Chris Sommer.

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Browse through ChrisSommer.com to get a vivid sense of what custom patterned glass looks like. See for yourself the extraordinary artwork that can become part of your everyday life.