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Auto Glass

What Cars Represent

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People place a lot of pride in their cars. Americans love their automobiles.

Over the years the market for specialized auto design has increased exponentially as beautiful cars and their customization have become more reasonably priced.

From specialized paint jobs to tinted windows to hood scoops – there is almost no limit to the aesthetic demands of the proud auto consumer.

Remembering that not only are they seen as status symbols but also as modes of self-expression, motor vehicles remain a part of individual as well as American identity.

Master Craftsman Chris Sommer

Aware of the power and importance a car’s visual expression possesses, Chris Sommer is dedicated to crafting unique and meaningful glass etchings for your automobile.

Whether you are looking to express your cultural roots, your community ties or your musical tastes, Chris is a master at what he does. No one is more adept at conveying your image and message via etched glass than he.

Chris Sommer also respects the concerns all owners, especially of exotic cars, may have about some one taking unknown tools to their windows.

But rest assured, Chris has performed this type of work for many years in lavish mansions and on fancy cars.

He has built a respected name and successful company by employing a deliberate, diligent, and tactful etching technique to ensure the highest quality results.

The sheer allure and inimitability etched glass can bring to your vehicular mystique will place you and your auto in a class of your own.