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Art Glass

Beautify your Interior

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Those looking for a way to add stunning new dimensions to a home or office aesthetic are in the right place.

Paintings and sculptures are two of the most commonly utilized ways to accomplish a visual reinvigoration. They contribute color, texture, and a unique sense of culture to all spaces.

 A few paintings framed and placed correctly can refocus the entire energy of a room or building. Sculptures also possess this remarkable ability to effectively transform the visual experience of almost any place.

Glass Art

Art glass also has the capacity to morph a bland or confused dwelling into one beaming with style and grace.

Art glass comes in many forms.

Glass vases are a popular type of art glass because they are potent aesthetic beacons.

This is especially true for vase etchings performed by hand.

Factory produced glass tends to add to mediocrity rather than save a room from it. 

A hand-crafted vase etching can lend palpable sophistication to a dinning room, living room, or bedroom. Etched vases are also attention-grabbers and so are well-suited to entryways and reception areas in a variety of business settings. 

Art glass takes form in bowls, light fixtures, picture frames, platters, paper weights and many more.

Etching Artist

Master craftsman Chris Sommer offers customized etching on virtually any art glass incarnation conceivable.

He is an autodidact when it comes to glass etching and therefore, brings an innovative perspective to every project he completes.

Add elegance to your life with art glass, call Chris Sommer: (954) 415-6349.